Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Picture Book Wall (#10) - Throw a Book Themed Birthday with Brightly!

Hi Everyone!

I have something super special to share with you all this month!  While we know how awesome storytime with our littles can be, have you ever thought of using their love of books to throw them a book themed birthday party?!

I mean, really, what is a better way to support your little bookworms love of books than by having their birthday party themed around of their most beloved book characters?  Absolutely nothing.

However, I bet you are wondering..."where would I even start?"  Well have no fear.  I have an amazing source for just this kind of party to share with you!

If you haven't heard of Brightly yet, you are totally missing out.  They are a great resource over all for bookish love in little readers.  What is even better, they have recently launched a resource just for book themed birthdays!!!

And I mean, they really have it all!  They have book gift ideas, book themed activity ideas, and even some specific character party ideas.  They have really gone all out to help us parents/caregivers give our little bookworm the book themed party of their dreams.

I bet you are wondering where you can find this fabulous resource that I am telling you about... and you can find it right HERE.

Honestly, Brightly is a fantastic resource for a lot of bookish things for our little readers.  They are great for a lot more than just book themed birthday party ideas.  They have reading suggestions for your readers, interesting articles, tips and tricks, reading suggestions for us adults, and other fun book themed activities and ideas beyond birthday parties.

Brightly is a resource I strongly suggest you have bookmarked on your web browser for easy access, but you can also (and should) sign up for their NEWSLETTER.  Their newsletter will make it easier for you to get access to the information that you want.  They let you set it up so that you get information related to the age groups that you want.  You won't have to fish through information that is unnecessary for you personally to get to what you want. 


Guess what everyone! Brightly is giving one lucky person a chance to win this amazing prize pack!  I received one and trust me....this prize pack is really awesome!  So you definitely want to enter for a chance to win.  However, that all being said, there are some rules.  This giveaway is for 13+ and you must be in  the US.  Sorry to all of my international readers :(  

Now go forth and enter!  And in the words of Effie Trinket "May the odds be EVER in your favor!"

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  1. I love the idea of book-themed parties (no matter what your age). When I was a kid I remember telling my friends that I wanted books instead of toys for my birthday. I have been to a few book-themed baby showers in the last few years...where you bring a book instead of a card.

  2. This is such a cute idea! If I had kids, I would totally be doing something like this. Whenever I have kids, I'll have to keep this resource in mind! I'm glad you shared this!