Thursday, May 26, 2016



Woah! If you ever needed a reason to reread a favorite series, this is definitely a good one!  In celebration of the release of The Fever Code by James Dashner we are all being invited to join in a giant group binge read of the series!

The whole reread is set up so we will be ready to start The Fever Code as soon as it is released.  We will be refreshed and reminded of the story.  And look at it! I know I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it!

But really it is more than that.  This is also a really great way for all of us book lovers and James Dashner fans to come together and to enjoy these stories that we love with one another.

How will that happen?

Well, there are going to be great discussions using Google Hangouts where you can talk with other fans AND James Dashner!  There will be numerous giveaways going on all over the blogosphere.  We will get the chance to see some exclusive content pop up over the course of the binge read.  And of course the hashtag #DASHNERDASH will be utilized to help us all stay connected through this reading adventure!

So you may be wondering, which book is up first?  Is it The Maze Runner or is it the prequel to the series The Kill Order.  Well, I am happy to report that we are going to be reading this series in order of publication - so The Maze Runner is up first!  Officially this read is meant to start tomorrow on May 27 2016 so I hope you have your copy ready.  If not, get to the library! Get to the bookstore! You do have a month before we start reading The Scorch Trials, so if you find yourself having to order it or waiting a small bit for it to become available at the library, don't worry.  There is time!

 And you may be wondering when that first Google Hangout that I mentioned is going to happen?  Well I am pleased to let you know that it will be taking place on June 30, 2016.  I am sure a lot more information will become available to us about this before then, so make sure you stay tuned and follow that hashtag #DASHNERDASH


And finally, here is the schedule for the binge read.  As you can see, it is set to last us through the summer, but I don't think we could have asked for a better series to reread during the hot months of the year, do you?

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  1. I didn't even realize The Fever Code was a book in the works! That's so exciting :)

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian