Thursday, December 1, 2016

Review: The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers by E.K. Johnston

Title: The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers
Author: E.K. Johnston
Series: A Thousand Nights #1.5
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date; November 8, 2016
Source: Purchased

If you some how missed it, I just posted my review for book one in this series, A Thousand Nights, yesterday.  You can find that review right HERE.

That being said.  This little novella to the series is chock full of spoilers for that first book.  So continue with this review at your own risk.  Also, don't read this novella before you read book one if you don't almost the entire full story for A Thousand Nights to be ruined for you.  This novella may be short, but you will be able to pretty much get the whole story for the first book - minus a few details out of it.

The Garden of Three Hundred Roses is a novella in the Thousand Nights series.  It takes place pretty much right after the first book ends.  The unnamed female heroine of book 1 is still the main focal point.  However, where we got some bits of the story from the demon in book one, we now get some points of this small story from a child.  So it isn't as evil

We see the unnamed girl from book one as very strong and rightfully so.  And this novella is mostly about her relationship with the King and how the King dealing with the realities the demon who possessed him left him with.

This novella is still written in the same style as book 1.

As far as I can tell after having read this, it is probably not necessary to read but it does give you some more closure for book one.  I am not too far into book 2 to see if it really has much to do with what is going on there yet.

For the price (I found it free on Amazon) it was worth the few minutes to read.  It also has some sneak peeks into E.K Johnston's other books.  But, again, I warn you to not read this novella before book 1.

My Rating
3 Stars

This review is based on a copy purchased by myself.  All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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