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Middle Grade Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Hi everyone!

Tis the season where a vast majority of us are out trying to find that perfect gift for someone in our lives...and if you are like me, you might be coming up short on what to get for some of the people on your list.

Today I am here to help you with your middle grade readers (those who fall into the age range and those who just like to read it).  I hope you find something here that can help you with your gift buying needs :)

Fiction Books

First let us start off with some books that your reader will read and devour right up!  Obviously there are a whole bunch more middle grade books out there than what are on this list, but hopefully this helps!

Here I have pictured Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  This is Riordan's first book, but he has tons of others and other series.  You really cannot go wrong with any of his books.  Some of the series (like Percy Jackson) are complete and you can get your reader the whole box set, while others only have one or 2 books out so far.

A Tail of Camelot is a book that may not actually be on your readers radar yet, but totally should be!  It is super fun, features furry creatures as the main characters, and revolves around the ever popular King Author tales.  This is currently the only book out for this series, but I cannot WAIT for more of them.

Next up, I just have to recommend Jen Calonitas' Fairy Tale Reform School series.  This story is about kids who live in a fairy tale world that have done something bad and have been sent to reform school so that they can change their ways.  It is wicked fun and a great read.  Currently there are 2 books out in the series with more on the way!

I think I must be a Jen Calonita fan as I really enjoy her books... Meaning that I cannot make a list of middle grade reads and leave off her VIP series.  This series is crazy fun!  It is all about a girl who gets to go on tour and tag along with her favorite boy band!  Talk about the life huh?

Or maybe you have a reader that is more into the classics?  Then how about the Tales From the Arabian Nights that was published by National Geographic Kids?  And to top off getting some great reading material, the book is also gorgeously illustrated!

Non Fiction Books

Don't worry people who have middle grade readers that like non fiction books!  I have suggestions for you too!  Some people just love devouring facts and learning new things, and I cannot blame them for this at all!  It is kinda cool being a walking source of random information!

This one is perfect for those of us who have someone in our lives, younger or older, that are interested in learning how various things work.  There is just so much information packed into this one book.  Your reader will be able to spend hours reading this book and absorbing so much information on how things work.  Don't be surprised if you go out shopping with them and they start telling you how an escalator works or how your tablet/phone does what you want it to do!

Or maybe you have a reader who loves science and all things science related?  Well here is a great book for them!  Filled with so many interesting science facts they will be happy for hours and hours!  Again, don't be surprised if you are out and about or just hanging out at home and your reader shares some of the knowledge that they have learned from this one!

Hey look! It's Dory!  Okay okay, not really and a bad joke a side... If you have a reader fascinated with ocean life you really need to check out this book.  It will definitely fill their need and teach them a whole lot about ocean life.

Dinosaurs!  Everyone loves them!  And if you have a reader that loves this, then this book is perfect!  Don't be fooled by the cover though.  It is FILLED with information on dinosaurs - more specifically what they ate (or who they ate!).  A total must have for the dino lover in your life!!

LIONS!  My toddler loves roaring and they are my husbands favorite even though this is a book geared towards middle grade readers, it has been a huge hit in my house!  In this one your reader will get to learn all about the Liuwa Plans and learn about an ecological struggle and how it has managed to survive.

Those with crafty middle graders, don't worry!!!!! I didn't forget you at all!  Girl Plus Pen is amazing and wonderful and gorgeous.  I love Stephanie Corfee's work and books.  I have one that is meant for adults too!  In this book, your crafter will learn about doodling and all the fun things that they can do with their doodles!  That is right, they aren't just for putting in the margins of your notes and home work, there are things you can do with them, and Stephanie Corfee will tell you how!

And this one!  This one is so awesome!  It is filled with ideas and how to's for making your own gifts to give to others.  And the ideas in this book are really really cute!  This is a gift that your crafter will be able to use to help them with their own gift giving in the future.  A definite win win if you ask me!

Obviously, I could make both of these lists go on and on and on, but I won't.  Hopefully if you didn't find anything on here, it at least helped you find something to get your middle grade reader!

Feel free to share any other ideas in the comment section!

Some of these titles were provided to me by the publishers for review.  All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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