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Blog Tour: The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

Title: The Wolf Road - A Novel
Author: Beth Lewis
Series: Stand Alone
Publisher: Crown
Publication Date: July 5, 2016
Source: Irish Banana Blog Tours

If you want a book that you can just brush off and forget about once you have finished reading it, The Wolf Road is not the book for you.

The Wolf Road is about a young girl named Elka.  By some weird twists of fate she finds herself lost in the woods and then living with a man she comes to know as Trapper.  Trapper teaches her how to hunt, skin an animal, and all other sorts of things necessary for living out in the wild on your own.

Then one day, after being sent into town she runs into the law.  And the law is looking for a man that looks a lot like her Trapper.  But it can't be her trapper!  Her trapper would never ever murder women...he only kills wild animals.

The Wolf Road actually starts out at the end.  We start the story with Elka in the "here and now" and then we quickly transition to her telling us the story of how she got to where we were.  This technique really pulls you into the story quickly.  It makes you need to know how we got to that point and why we got there.  

The Wolf Road isn't quite like anything I have read before.  It reads like a Western, but it isn't.  Not really any ways.  It is actually a dystopian set in the unknown future.  However, we bombed ourselves stupid and have wrecked the majority of the technology that we had.  It also created a new Gold Rush up in northern Canada.  Then, on top of all that, the weather is a lot more cruel than it used to be.

It was a very cleverly thought out world.

Also, the story is told to us by Elka.  But instead of using proper grammar and all that, Beth Lewis wrote it for us in the way that Elka talks.  This only pulls you into the story more!  Also, I had a hard time not thinking in the way Elka spoke while reading this book.  It got kind of annoying honestly, but the issue did dissipate shortly after finally finishing the book.

There were some things that took me a little bit of getting use to other than the way it was written though.  One of which was how Elka would chime in on her story and say things about how she wasn't quite paying attention to something.  Sometimes I found this technique a little disruptive.  However, I do realize it was Beth Lewis' way of giving us hints to the over all story and eventually I got used to them.

Now, I don't know if you can guess this about The Wolf Road or not, but it is a dark book.  Very dark.  It starts dark and it just gets darker and darker the further you go into it.  There are some things within the book that I wouldn't doubt could be triggers for some.

But wow.  Those dark scenes.  They are written so brilliantly.

The Wolf Road does have some slow points to it, but the story as a whole really makes up for those parts.

This is a book that has the potential to mess with you when you are reading it.  And that, in my opinion, makes it the best kind of read.

My Rating 
4 Stars

This review is based on a copy provided by the publisher through Irish Banana Blog Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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