Monday, August 15, 2016

#ARCAugust 2016 Week 2 Update

Well, week 2 of #ARCAugust 2016 has come and gone.  And again this week I only managed to read one book!  This brings my grand total up to a whopping 2...

On the bright side I really enjoyed the book!  I read Like a River Glorious this week, the sequel to Walk on Earth a Stranger (the book I read last week) and I liked it so much more than the first one!  There will be a full review up a little closer to its release date :)

I am working on reading 2 other books at the moment that both count for this challenge.  I should be able to finish at least one of them by the end of this next week, though I would much prefer to finish both of them off!

I feel like I'm reading so slow this month, and really I am.  I guess I am letting myself do some other hobbies a bit more and not focusing entirely on reading.  My little reading slump needs to end!


  1. Ah so jealous that you got a copy of Like a River!

    1. I was pretty surprised when I got it. I *think* I got it through a request I made through Shelf Awareness Pro.