Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#ARCAugust 2016 Week 1 Update

I sadly don't have much to report for #ARCAugust 2016 in regards to progress for this first week.  I have been feeling quite slumpy when it comes to reading.

And it is driving me crazy!

I am trying to read through the slump, hoping that a book will pull me out of it, but meh.  I just am finding it hard to choose to read over other things lately.  And I am not talking about going out and being social, I am still choosing activities that are home based - coloring, sleeping, tv, video games, staring at twitter...those sort of things.

I did manage to finish one book though!  So I guess that is better than nothing.  I actually thought it would originally not count, as I was reading a finished HC of it.  However, I was scrolling through what I have been given permission for on Edelweiss and there it was!  So yay!  It ends up counting!!

Here is the book that I read.  Isn't the cover gorgeous??

I am currently working on 2 more books.  Hopefully this weird slump goes away and I can continue on and read normally.  I really don't like being in a reading slump, they stress me out!  I have so much to read!

Anyways, if you are participating, how are you doing?  Read anything good so far?

Until next time!

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  1. Darn you, reading slump. D: I was in one not too long ago and though I got a lot of other stuff done (well, anime watched), I still wanted to be able to read at least a little bit of a book without feeling meh about it. I really, really hope you'll be saying that you're over your slump in your second update. :)