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Voice of Gods by Eleanor Herman

Title: Voice of Gods
Author: Eleanor Herman
Series: Blood of Gods and Royals # .05
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Source: Purchased

Voice of Gods by Eleanor Herman is a prequel novella to her Blood of Gods and Royals series - Legacy of Kings being the first official one.

Interestingly enough, I read novella's very rarely, but I really wanted to read Voice of Gods because I wanted to return to this particular world (I had read Legacy of Kings beforehand and you can find my review HERE).  And right at the start I instantly felt back at home in the world.  The writing sucked me right in and I had absolutely no problems envisioning the world that the words were creating in my mind.

Voice of Gods, being a prequel novella, takes place before the Legacy of Kings story line happens.  It is actually mostly the story of Helen and of Olympias - of how they came to be who they were as the reader will come to know them later in Legacy of Kings.

Now, I read Voice of Gods long after I read Legacy of Kings, so I was continually trying to remember how things in this story were relating to what I had read back then.  Who characters were, the relationships between them, etc.  It wasn't very easy to do sometimes, but then again, not all of these characters were present in Legacy of Kings.

Voice of Gods is told from a couple of different point of views, however, there were not nearly as many as I encountered when I read Legacy of Kings...which was nice especially since this story line was much shorter.  It would have been hard to get to know too many different story tellers in a novella, so I am thankful that Eleanor Herman kept it at a minimum in her novella.

The whole time I read Voice of Gods I had kept my eyes open for spoilers for Legacy of Kings, and I am happy to report that I don't think I came across any.  We, the readers, simply got to understand how certain older characters got to where they were for the time that Legacy of Kings goes through.  Eleanor Herman did a great job keeping her story under wraps while giving us an introduction to this world!

Also, you don't have to feel like you have to read the novella, but I do think it makes some things that happen in Legacy of Kings a bit more clear and I appreciated it.  I kind of wish I had read it before I had read Legacy of Kings, but it definitely is not necessary to do so.  Reading it later one while waiting for the next book, Empire of Dust, to release allowed me to visit a world that I had been missing.

My Rating
4 Stars

Thoughts and opinions contained within this review are mine and mine alone.  No compensation was received for this review.

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