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Blog Tour: Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe - A Pocket Letter and Giveaway

Title: Concentr8
Author: William Sutcliffe
Series: Stand Alone
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: January 19, 2016
Source: Irish Banana Blog Tours

Hi everyone!

So for my stop in the Concentr8 blog tour I am not going to be giving you my review.  Instead, I will be sharing with you a pocket letter that I created themed off of the book!

What is a pocket letter you ask?  Well, a pocket letter is actually just a super crafty and creative way to write a letter to a friend and maybe, possibly send them some goodies.  The goodies have to fit into the pocket though!

You use those cool sheets that you would normally store baseball cards or other trading cards in.  This gives you 9 pockets to work with.  If you look below you will see my finished pocket letter for Concentr8.

What do you think?  I hope you like it!  I tried to do the color theme off of the book cover, but...the book is actually really dark blue, not black.  So I kind of failed there.  My bad.  I like how it turned out over all though.

So the first pocket you see has a camera and some words on it.  This pocket represents my favorite character, the reporter.  I don't know why she was my favorite, it could just be from how she was written.  I can't really tell you, but she was.

The next pocket has a picture of the book cover on it.  I also chose to put a WS on this page for the author, as they are his initials.

This lovely pocket is to represent all of the kids in Concentr8.  They are seen as hoodlums and bad kids.  One of the characters is a girl, but the leader is a boy, so I figured "bad boy" was appropriate to use.

This one is relatively simple, but it means a lot.  This story takes place over the course of 6 days.  That is it.  What happens on day 6?  Well, you need to read the story to find out!

Ah, the center pocket.  This one is simply the title of the book.  There are also pills and a needle to represent ADHD medication.  The medication plays a huge roll in the story, so I couldn't leave it out.

What is this pocket you ask?  Well simply, pocket letters usually come with samples of washi tape.  That is what this pocket is.  Again, I tried to do the colors based off the cover, but totally failed.  Please forgive me.

This pocket stands for a couple of things.  First, there is a doctor character in the story.  So it stands for him.  Also, it stands for all of the doctors that were originally prescribing the medication to the kids and then took it away -  the thing that started this whole story.

Finally we have the London pocket.  Concentr8 takes place in London.  I figured that was kind of important.  Also, I really like these stickers.


Now for the super fun part!  I have giveaways for you all!!

First I am giving away this fantastically fun pocket letter made by yours truly and an ARC of Concentr8!  I will be sending you the pocket letter as it should be sent, with goodies in the pockets.  Not telling you what though!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is for the US only.  Must be 13+ to enter.  Must respond within 48 hours of being notified of winning or a new winner will be chosen.  Reading is Better With Cupcakes is not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged items.

And then we have the tour wide giveaway!  So don't forget to enter that!  You have a chance to win a finished copy of the book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And as always, please stop by the rest of the blogs on the tour to see what they have for you in regards to Concentr8.

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