Sunday, November 29, 2015

Explore Your Creative Side (#4)

I have been finding myself in a very creative mood recently.  I have discovered the joy that is known as Pocket Letters!  They are so fun to make and a great way to send snail mail.  I hope to have a post up on these fabulous things within the next few months to show you exactly how awesome they are!

For now, if you curious you can go HERE to learn more about them.

In this months installment of Explore Your Creative Side you will find a cookbook on making cheesecakes (YUM!) an adult coloring book (I can't help it I am addicted) and a pretty new to the world crafting magazine.

I hope you find something you like that will help you connect with your creative side.

Also, if you know of any books or cool craft you think I would be interested in please let me know in the comments!  I am always looking for cool ways to explore my own creative side so please throw me some suggestions!!!

Title: Making Artisan Cheesecake
Author: Melanie Underwood
Series: Stand Alone
Publisher: Quarry Books
Publication Date: August 15, 2015
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5 Stars

This cookbook is all about cheesecakes!  I know, I know...kind of obvious with the title and everything...

What is spectacular about this particular book though is the variety of cheesecake recipes.  It has your basic dessert cheesecake recipes, but then it also has vegan, gluten free, and nut free recipes also!

On top of all that deliciousness, I was very pleased to find out that there are also recipes for savory cheesecakes.  Who even knew that there was such a thing?  Not me!

Each recipe is very clear and easy to follow.  Also, something I love and wish all cookbooks did, every recipe has its own picture!

I am very pleased with this one!

Title: Midnight Garden Coloring Book
Author: Lindsey Boylan
Series: Creative Haven Coloring Books
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: September 16, 2015
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5 Stars

I am absolutely thrilled with this coloring book!

This one is different from most coloring books out there in that all of the pictures have a black background.  This allows the colors you choose to use to pop in a whole different way than they would on a white background.

Each page is single sided so if you desire to take one out and frame it you can!  The paper quality is nice, but if you decide to use markers to color I would place a piece of paper between the pages just in case.  At least you don't have to worry about one being wrecked on the opposite side.

I really like all of the designs.  They range in difficulty, some having more small spaces than others, but each one takes up pretty much the entire page.  No worries about a small dinky design in the middle of your page with a bunch of wasted space!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads

Title: Do Magazine
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4 stars

This next review is not for a book, it is actually for a magazine.  I discovered this crafty gem while standing in line at the grocery store.  So happy that I did.

This magazine covers quite a bit.  The first edition went over things like Zentangles and how to use brush markers.  The second edition has a nice review of different tools you can use for coloring!

Aside from the articles though, this magazine comes filled with a lot of craft ideas and sheets that you can color or use to assist you in designing a project of your own.  This magazine actually has quite a bit to it and I really like it thanks to that.

I did think that the first edition had a bit more more of a religious influence in some of the pictures you can color or use, but they were quite beautiful.  This may also be due to the artist that they decided to feature in part for that edition.  Not that there is anything wrong with this.  The second volume of this magazine didn't seem to have the same sort of influence, but the only holiday it seemed to cover was Christmas.

Each magazine has also featured a different artist with an article.  I have found them very interesting.  And it is nice to get to see a new artists work (some of which have adult coloring books out!).

Do Magazine is actually pretty new.  It only has 2 editions out at the time of me writing this review.  The one pictured and the most current one that has a Christmas Tree on it.  I haven't yet, but I totally plan on getting a subscription to this one!

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