Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Q&A A Day For Creatives: A 4 Year Journal - Potter Style

Title: Q&A A Day For Creatives: A 4 Year Journal
Author: Potter Styles
Series: Q & A a Day 
Publisher: Potter Styles
Publication Date: August 11, 2015
Source: Blogging For Books

I was really drawn to this particular journal because I am always trying to find ways to boost my creativity.  I am also always looking for things to inspire me.  This book promises to have 365 different questions (or prompts) for me to use.  One for every single day of the year.

What is even more impressive about this particular creativity journal is that it is meant to last for 4 years.  In the end, you will have done each prompt 4 times.  Each page is separated into 4 parts, so you will easily be able to look at your drawings to see how you have changed.  That is a total of 1,460 sketches!

I thought that the prompts are pretty creative.  Some examples of prompts are "What would the perfect movie monster look like? (January 6)" "What do you see when you 'see red' (July 21)" and "How do you show the beauty of music? (September 29)."  All of the prompts aim to get you thinking in a creative way.  Some times they are abstract and other times they want something rather specific.

I was disappointed by a couple of things.  First, I thought the square for a given drawing/sketch was kind of small.  You can still go crazy with whatever inspires you, but you have to do it on a much smaller scale.  Second, I wanted the paper to be thicker.  The paper is not super thin, but I am a bit hesitant about using markers on it.  I think there is a good chance that they will bleed through - and each page is double sided.  Bleeding through would ruin a whole day for 4 years!  Finally, I wish that the cover was a bit sturdier than it actually is.  It is a bit flimsy and I don't think it will hold up for the amount of time it is intended.

All in all, I think that this book will help me over time to break through my creative blocks.  I look forward to working on it in the years to come

I received this book from Blogging For Books for a fair and honest review.

My Rating
4 out of 5 stars

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