Thursday, July 7, 2016

Explore Your Creative Side (#9): DO Magazine: Fall 2016 Issue #5

Title: DO Magazine
Volume: Fall 2016  #5
Source: Purchased

Once upon a time, while standing in line to check out at a grocery store, I noticed a magazine with a cool looking dragonfly on the cover.  I picked up that magazine, flipped through, and found myself having to buy it right then and there.

That particular magazine was premier issue of DO Magazine.  And if you are interested, I do have a review that I wrote up for that issue that you can find HERE.

Not long after my discovery of this crafting magazine, I found myself asking for and receiving a subscription for it from a family member as a holiday gift.  Thanks to this gift, I have yet to miss an edition of this magazine and I have grown more and more fond of it.

Now, let us fast forward to the newest edition to the DO Magazine 

The Fall 2016 issue is by far my most favorite edition of DO Magazine thus far!  There is just so much to it!  I have already gone through it a few times, and I know I will be going through it even more.  Each time I look at the pages, I find something I previously missed!

There is just so much in this edition!  There are, of course, the coloring pages that we have come to expect when it comes to DO Magazine.  However, they have really upped their game when it comes to these.  Some of the coloring pages now come with suggested color palettes to use on that particular page.  Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to!  And a few of the other pages are blank enough in the initial design that if you wanted to add to them with your own doodles or tangles before coloring you could!

But guys, this is not why I am in love with this issue.  It was like the editors of DO Magazine looked straight into my brain and saw what kind of coloring and zentangling crafts that I have been wanting to do for so long and put them all into this one magazine!

The crafts are just amazing!  There are suggestions on how to use your coloring to make jewelry using Shrinky Dinks, bottle caps, and plastic bottles (can we say upcycling!!!) that look absolutely adorable and like they will be a fun afternoon craft to do with friends.  Then there is the section on creating an art journal!  I have been wanting to make one these for a few months, so I really appreciate having an article to read about them (before this it was mostly looking at pictures of them on Pinterest).  Then there are the directions on how to make your own watercolor doodle mugs!

However, the craft that really took my breath away was the pumpkins and what you can do with them with zentangle.  Even my husband was hugely impressed with the pumpkins when I showed him the spread.  Now I need to get a hold of a pumpkin as soon as possible so I can get started on mine!

I really don't think there was a craft in this issue that I don't want to try some time very soon!

Then there were the articles that weren't about crafting, but talked about crafting tools, or more importantly National Coloring Book Day!  I had no idea this day even existed until I read about it in DO Magazine!  Now I want to come up with something to celebrate this day, which works out well since my friend and I are planning to start a coloring club (which there is an article on that in this edition too!).

DO Magazine is only growing more and more into my most favorite crafting, coloring, drawing, creating magazine ever!

My Rating
5 Stars

This review is based on a copy that I purchased on my own. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. I've seen these magazines, but have never bought one. I'll have to check it out!

    1. I really like them and then I got my mom hooked on them...and she has bought them for friends now.

      I have only brought myself to actually color on one of the pages in all the editions I have though...but I want to keep these and use them for some of the projects they talk about