Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reading is Better With Cupcake's Year End Wrap Up *2015*

Hi Everyone,

The year 2015 is coming to a close.  It has been a super wild 365 days.  As you know this is the year I became a mom and a stay at home one at that.  It is also the year I started my blog.

I have read so much this past year!  It is crazy!  My grand total is 135 books!!!  Can you believe it?  That is an insane amount!  To be fair though, a good portion of those are picture books, but picture books are still books and they count.  Also, it is very rare that you get to read a picture book only once (but I did only count them towards my total 1 time!), so I figure I should count them.  Even if they are excluded from the final count, a little over half of these 135 were middle grade or higher.  That is still a whole heck of a lot of books!

So for fun, here are my favorites for this past year.

Picture Book

Middle Grade

Young Adult Contemporary/Romance

Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction

Young Adult Fiction



Adult Coloring Book


It was really hard to choose which books to put into these arbitrary categories (except for biography/memoir...I only read 1 of those, but it was a good one!).  I also didn't put the books that I have read already that are coming out in 2016.

2016 January Releases Not to be Missed

I have read a lot of fantastic books, I have made a lot of new book loving friends, and I can only hope for more of the same thing to happen in 2016.

My reading goals for 2016:
  1. 150 books (gasp!)
  2. Do at least 1 reread a month
  3. Read at least 1 indy/self published book a month
  4. Read one back list title a month
  5. Read 1 classic
  6. Read 1 biography/memoir
  7. Up my Netgalley percentage to atleast 50 (higher would be fantastic!)
  8. To keep up the love of reading and to share my book love with others



  1. That's a great year and good goals for 2016.

  2. For a new mommy, yours is an admirable finish to 2015 and some great goals for 2016!

    1. Thank you. In the beginning I read a lot of my books out loud until she would take naps. Now most reading happens during the evening, but sometimes shes so content with her toys that I can read a little during the day while she is awake.

  3. Happy New Year! I didn't realize you'd just had your baby this year! that and reading 135 books!!?! Tell me your secrets!

    Ah, you've read You're Never Weird On the Internet, how good is it? i've been dying for it but haven't gotten around to picking up a copy... Sorry, got distracted. Hope you have another amazing year and good luck with your goals, Stephanie! =)

    1. For the most part my kiddo just plays and what not while I am in the room. So I read while keeping an eye on her and before going to bed. Also, a good portion of those books are picture books :)

      You're Never Weird on the Internet is fantastic! She has such a fantastic message. One that I try to remember daily! You must read it. I'm not like a huge huge fan of hers or anything but I still really enjoyed it!

      And thank you!

  4. I'm very happy that Traffick was one of your favorites of the year!! Reading at least one self published book a month sounds like a really good goal. I definitely want to read more of them this year! So, I may try to do that too. :)