Friday, October 21, 2016

Storming the Castle: A Mystery Story (Part V)

Part V
For two days, they scoured the interior of the castle to little avail. Each of the rooms, even those of which had obviously gone unused for years upon years, where turned upside down during their search. All that they had turned up was an old, musty, book; it’s cracked spine left it eternally opened to the middle.

Feeling that no other clues were bound to turn up, they all settled in their rooms to think over the little they had discovered since they first arrived. From the mysterious letters that invited them, to the old castle where they were staying, to the discarded glasses among the brush, and finally, to the old, spine cracked book.
“How, how does any expect one to solve the mystery with so little to go upon,” muttered one to herself. “Repeatedly she would walk towards her door, to seek help from the other four, only to turn back once more thinking, “Surely, I can figure this out! It’s not like this is a mystery novel filled with red herrings…”
No closer to an answer, they each faced an internal battle of whether or not to seek the help of the others. One moment they had decided, yet as soon as their hand touched the door, they would turn back once more. Till at last, their fruitless introspection was broken by the now familiar scratching the preceded the mysterious voice’s arrival.
“As you have made no progress on solving the case separately, come to the parlor where it is time to work as one to lay this case to rest.” Chagrined, they all made their way down the gloomy hallway towards their meeting. Whether they would succeed or not was up in the air.
As they sat, the voice resumed speaking saying, “Now that everyone is here, let is begin.” Silently, they listened to the voice as more people trickled into the room; the gentleman, H, and the lady who showed them about the first day. “Who, is the missing? That is the question that needs answering!” Exclaimed the voice more animated than usual.
Dear readers, it is now up to you to figure out who the missing is/was throughout the entire story. Of the entire cast, who do you think it wasStop by The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia tomorrow for the answer.

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