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Blog Tour: Bound by Blood and Sand by Becky Allen

Title: Bound by Blood and Sand
Author: Becky Allen
Series: Untitled #1
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Source: Edelweiss

I hate the heat.  So so much.  So I would absolutely hate living in a true desert.  Especially a desert where there is so little water to be had.

But that is exactly the kind of world that Bound by Blood and Sand takes place in.

The world is a desert.  The places where people inhabit are few and far between and vary in size.  And thanks to the drought that the world is finding itself in - the smaller places might end up being deserted.

However, not everyone gets to go.  There happens to be a group of people that are cursed.  They have to do what the Avowed tell them to do and they cannot lie.  And when I say that they have to do do what they are told, they HAVE to do it.  No matter what it is.  So with that being said...TRIGGER WARNING.

Our main female character, Jae, is one of the cursed.  But through some interesting happenings...she actually becomes special and separate from others like her.  And she plans to use this advantage to save the rest of the cursed.

And then there is our main male character Lord Elan.  He is the son of the guy on top.  Not many outrank him and what he says goes.

Needless to say, the two meet and do not like each other.  But things happen and they have to deal with each other.

The story is told from a rotating first person view.  It switches between Jae and Elan.  So you get to see both sides.  And you get to see them each come to their own special realizations and growth.  It is really quite well done.

Personally, I didn't like Jae much during a lot of this book, but she is the way she is for a reason.  You will learn about it and come to understand her though.  So if you find yourself like me, give it time.  Don't give up on her.

In regards to the world, I really liked it.  It did take a little bit to get the world built up, but it was done quite beautifully.  I had absolutely no problem imagining the world and the characters.  If it was a place I could actually visit, aside from the heat, I would want to go!

You may have also heard from reading other reviews that there is no romance in this book, and that is true.  However, there are building blocks for a romance!  So hopefully in the next book we will see it actually start.  The lack of romance makes a lot of sense for the story contained within Bound by Blood and Sand and I am glad that Becky Allen did not force one into the story.  It wouldn't have felt right with were characters are in their own personal growth at the moment.  Jae is just too tough and hard!

I cannot wait to continue on in this world and read more about Jae and Elan.  There are quite a few hints about possible story lines that I cannot wait to see where the story goes!

My Rating

This review is based on an eARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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