Sunday, February 28, 2016

Influenster's #CheersVoxBox Review and Discussion

I know I normally review books and things that have to do with books, but I couldn't pass up sharing this with you.  At the suggestion of a very awesome friend, who I will call KitKat, I signed up over at Influenster.

Influenster is a lovely place where you can review things and share tips and recommendations with others.  It is actually pretty cool and pretty extensive.  What is more awesome is they like to send out packages that they call a Vox Box!

What is a Vox Box?  It is a box filled with things that they send you for free for testing and review purposes!  And they aren't tiny sample sized things either.  They are full blown normal product size.

That is pretty epic if you ask me.

I never really thought I was going to actually get a Vox Box, but then I got a surprise email telling me that they were going to be sending me the #CheersVoxBox!!!  They told me most of what was going to be in it, but not everything.  Needless to say, I was very excited to get my box.

So I waited some what impatiently for it to finally get to me, but it got here.  The picture above is what was in this fabulous box.  I was pretty excited (still am honestly).

In return for this box full of awesome I am to review them, blog, tweet, IG, facebook, all that wonderful stuff.  Totally do able if you ask me.  They actually have a good handful of tasks for each item for me to do to open up some badges on my Influenster account.

So what was in this box exactly?  Lots of awesome!  Here is the list!

  • A full sized bottle of Suave Moroccan Shampoo
  • A full sized bottle of Suave Moroccan Conditioner
  • A snack sized bag of Sweet Chili flavored Way Better Snacks chips
  • A full sized bag of Dr. Teals soaking solution for relaxation (lavender scented)
  • A coupon to get a free Hormel Taco Meat product (normal sized)
  • A thing from Yaye letting me know about their free exercise app

So let us start with talking about the Suave Moraccan Shampoo and Conditioner:

I have to say, I really really like these two products.  I think that they smell absolutely fantastic.  The best thing about the smell is that it isn't over powering and it lingers on my hair for a good while.  I find it almost soothing.  They also leave my hair feeling nice and clean and I must say that I am pretty sure that they are living up to their potential and leaving my hair shinier like they claim that they will!

Way Better Snacks Chips:

Upon opening this bag of chips I was a little skeptical.  They smelled a little weird and looked kind of strange.  My opinion did not change after the first bite.  However, after I ate a couple, I decided that I did like them.  The flavor level was nice.  Not too much where the flavor was overwhelming and just enough for them to not taste bland.  They also have a very nice crunch to them.

Also, this snack is gluten free!  Yay!  A good gluten free snack!

There is a possibility that I will be buying these in the future.  However, I am trying not to eat chips and am trying to prevent myself from having snack foods in my house.  I tend to eat them all until they no longer exist.

Dr. Teals Soaking Solution:

I am not much of a bath taker, so it was nice getting the chance to relax (and I may or may not have played with my daughters bath toys while doing so).

I really enjoyed the smell and enjoyed the soak.  It was a nice experience.  I may need to start taking baths more often than not! I also really like that the package tells you that if you don't want to use it in a bath that you can use a handful to exfoliate your skin while you take a shower.

Hormel Taco Meat:

I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed with this product.  Mainly because of its price.  I received a coupon for this product so that I could get it for "free" to try out.  Even on sale, the Hormel Taco Meats product was more than what the coupon was worth, so I had to pay a bit out of pocket.  This product is pretty pricey when it isn't on sale, and it isn't even like the package is all that huge.

Also, I had to try like every grocery store in my area before I finally located this little guy.  For awhile there it seemed like I wasn't going to get to review this product at all.  Thankfully I did manage to find it thanks to the handy dandy product locator on the Hormel website.

All in all, the taco meat was decent.  I am not a huge fan of packaged meat in the first place, so that was already going against it.  I would much rather spend a little more for a piece of beef and stick it in my crock pot with some seasoning to cook it.  I would have gotten a lot more for my money too.

Influenster also asks that we create a recipe for you.  Well, I am not that much of a chef, so my recipe is for TACOS!

What you need is:

Taco shells - hard or soft, whatever you like best
Your choice of Hormel Taco Meats
Salsa or hot sauce

The proportions are simple.  Put however much of each thing you want into the taco shell and chow down!


I like the idea behind this app.  You are supposed to use it along with your friends - near or far -  to help motivate each other to exercise.

However, there is a HUGE downfall to this app.  If your friends aren't using it or do not have any interest in it whatsoever, it is kind of pointless.

I am very thankful for Influenster sending me this package of things to try out.  I have definitely found some new favorites in it!

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