Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blog Tour: Firstlife by Gena Showalter - A Pocket Letter

Title: Firstlife
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Everlife #1
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: February 23, 2016

Hi everyone!  I am back with another fabulous pocket letter for all of you.  This time themed off of Gena Showalter's new book Firstlife!

Here is the pocket letter in all of its glory.  Nine individual pockets all themed off of the book.  Okay, 8 pockets.  One of the pockets reads my blogs title :)

So this pocket here.  You will notice that there are a few phrases.  This is how I feel about this book.  I thought it was pretty good.  It also caused me to think long and hard after it I was done reading it.  Weeks later, I am still stuck on thinking about things.  Needless to say, this one got to me and whenever a book gets to me like this one does I find myself needing to share it with others.

This is the obligatory pocket with the washi samples.  I did the color based off of the book cover.  Also, I put white for Troika - the side I would totally sign with btw.

Ten stands for our main character Tenley.  However, only her friends are allowed to call her Ten.  So make sure you  refer to her appropriately.

Troika is one of the two sides you can sign with for your Second Life.  This is the side for light and all things associated with this.  This is my attempt to draw the symbol that was in my ARC that is meant to represent Troika.  Yeah.  I don't think it is all that good either.

This one here is quite simply the title of the book.  Not much more that I can say about it than that...

This pocket represents Tenley's fascination with numbers.  It is a theme that runs through the entire book.  It would have been very wrong of me to not put a pocket representing this!!

Myriad is the other side that you can sign with for your Second Life.  This is the side that represents dark.  I tried to draw the symbol that my ARC had for them, but yeah....that turned out pretty horribad.

This final card is for my favorite boy character.  The bad boy!  Gah.  I just...yeah :)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, you can win this pocket letter! I will stuff it with some goodies and mail it off to the winner.  However, this time around I am not doing a rafflecopter for it.  To enter go ahead and comment on this blog post with which side you would choose - Myriad or Troika...or if you would choose to stay unsigned!  I will close this contest on 2/29/16 at 11:59pm pst.

I will use a random number generator to choose the winner of the pocket letter.  You must be 13+ and in the US to enter.  Reading is Better With Cupcakes will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items :)

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  1. That's really cool! I see pocket letters all the time, but have never made one. Love the idea of a book-themed one!