Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blog Tour: The Secrets We Kept by Lily Velez

Title: The Secrets We Kept
Author: Lily Velez
Series: Stand Alone
Publisher: Blue Typewriter Press
Publication Date: October 22, 2015

The Secrets We Kept is a book full of a lot of feelings.  It is about kids from the foster system.  Once upon a time they all lived together, but now they all live in separate foster homes (or have been adopted or have grown too old to be in the system).  However, the changes in life didn't keep them apart.  They are still best friends, they are still family.

However, there was once a romantic relationship between Sully in Cadence.  It had lasted for many years, but when Cadence was adopted...and then moved across country with her new family, Sully decided to end it.

It crushed both of them.

After Cadence had been gone for a few months, she cut off contact with everyone.  No one new why.  Then, when the story begins in The Secrets We Kept, Sully discovers that she is back and will do anything and everything that he can to win her back.

There are quite a few different relationships to pay attention to in this story.  Sully and Cadence, Sully and his little brother, Cadence and herself, etc.  There is quite a lot going on in The Secrets We Kept, but it is not hard to follow along.

All in all, I found the parts about Sully and Cadence to be a little dry and almost background to the other things going on in the book even though the blurb makes it sound as though it is the most important thing.  I personally felt the most important thing in the book was Cadence and her working through her own issues.  Sometimes her bits almost felt a bit text bookish in the way they were described and how they were dealt with.

I will say that I was quite pleased with myself, my guess as to what happened before this book started off was right.  I will not tell you what my guess was.  No spoilers from me in regards to that.  I don't want to ruin it for you.

The characters definitely grew throughout the story and I liked it.  I wanted a few more things to happen for some of the characters, but that was just me liking them and wanting this for them.  I felt connected to them (and that is a good thing!).

All in all, it was an enjoyable book.  I do wish I could have connected a little bit more in certain situations and relationships, but I will survive.  It definitely has a great message about keeping secrets though...

This review is based on an eARC provided by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Rating
3 stars