Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel

Steampunk meets zombies.

Sounds interesting right?

You have two types of zombies, the evil ones and the good ones. Then there are the living, most of which don't know the zombies exist.

The heroine of the story is almost captured by the evil ones to only be captured by the good ones. Things happen after that.

In reality, this book really is only slightly interesting. I found myself bored with it.

There is a lot of world building, which is good considering this is to be the first book in a series. However, there is A LOT of world building. Really, this whole book feels as though the world is just being built for us. There is only a small bit of action and a whole lot of talking.

The cool thing is, you do get to see the story from multiple different perspectives. The not so cool thing is, your heroine Nora is probably one of the most boring characters of the lot.

There were also numerous other things I found slightly annoying. An example of one of them is you have two "tribes" the New Victorians and the Punks. Now if you read really closely you will find Nora saying that the Punks figured out how to use STEAM for for inventions. Yes, the author did go there. Can you believe it?

I will probably find myself one day reading the sequel to this book, but I don't see myself jumping on it. I have a lot of hopefully more entertaining books on my to read list.

Oh and also, the zombies in this book are dreadfully dull. If you are planning to read this because its OMGAZOMBIEBOOK!, I would heed this warning. Unless tofu eating zombies are your thing

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