Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Title: Dark Matter
Author: Blake Crouch
Series: Stand Alone
Publisher: Broadway Books
Publication Date: May 2, 2017
Source: Blogging for Books

Dark Matter...Dark Matter...what can I say about this book?

I guess I can say quite a few things, but first I should probably give you a quick overview of what this book is about.

In this book our main character, Jason Dessen, find himself waking up in a world that isn't his.  It isn't his life.  His family never existed.  His career took off in a way it never had.  And everything is...just different.  Is he going crazy?  Which life is the real one?

Jason Dessen is hell bent on figuring this out and finding his way back to the life he believes is rightfully his.

That is Dark Matter if a really quick nutshell.

This book is based on the multiverse theory.  A pretty insane theory to talk about.  I won't bore you on what this is here in this post.  Dark Matter actually does a pretty good job explaining it.  Much better than I ever could, that is for sure.

Now, I am going to be totally honest with you here.  I felt like something was wrong with me the majority of the time I was reading this book.  I had quickly read other reviews and I knew that this book had a pretty high rating over on Goodreads, so I was really excited to read it.  And then I started reading it.  And you know what?  I was kind of bored!  The writing was fine and everything, but I found this book so freaking predictable!  And with it being predictable, I found it hard to get myself to want to pick the book back up after taking a break.  I wanted more "thrill" and "suspense" than this book provided me.  I was really rather let down.

What this book did do for me though was make me thing.  However, this really didn't start happening towards the end of the book.  Everything that goes on in Dark Matter kind of culminated for me and really started to make me think and kind of look at the world a little bit differently.  So I do give this that.

So while I found the plot predictable, Dark Matter still caused me to think and look at life and the world around me in a different way....and I appreciate that!

My Rating
3.5 Stars

This review is based on a copy provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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